The Family of Twelve Wine Tutorial Returns

From left to right: Clive Weston (Nautilus Estate), Miyuki Morimoto (The Grove Restaurant), Karen Fistonich (Villa Maria), and Meg Abbott-Walker (Educator and Wine Consultant).

The second Family of Twelve Wine tutorials is returning in August this year. “Boldly the Family again steps up with our largest single investment in the future of New Zealand fine wine,” Family chair Paul Donaldson explained. “This year’s tutorial will be another extraordinary and exciting learning opportunity for the twelve successful wine industry participants. It will deliver another exhilarating, world-class event. There is nothing like it in the country.”

The Family of Twelve Wine Tutorial is an immersive residential seminar held over two working days and three nights. This year it will be held at Villa Maria’s Auckland estate between the 4th and 7th of August. The tutorial includes tastings and talks from various speakers. Participants will be pushed to learn and taste wine in a new way. The event will be open to those working with New Zealand wine, in the areas of a sommelier, retailer or wine educator.

“Our Kiwi wine business needs both excellence in marketing and distribution. But it also needs our gatekeepers to be valued and encouraged,” explained Donaldson. “The tutorial is a way of expressing our gratitude for the work done on the restaurant and wine shop floor. These people are our ambassadors, and we hope these tutorials will help develop the skills of those showing potential to take New Zealand wine’s message of diversity and character to the world.”

The diverse range of people that make up the Family of Twelve cohort includes Banjo Harris Plane from the Wine Gallery in Melbourne, Dion Wai from the Huka Lodge, Miyuki Morimoto from the Grove Restaurant and Clive Weston from Nautilus Estate.

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