EduCatering, published as part of Review’s ongoing commitment as an integral partner in the food and beverage sector in New Zealand. A sector that is well regarded internationally for its production of high-quality ingredients and products.

Food connects people and different heritages. So, sharing a meal with others at school is often the first place a child will taste and learn about different foods and flavours—tasting foods from outside their family’s recipes or traditional cultural dishes in an informal setting. The opportunity for school children to share and talk about the various foods and flavours from different cultures is one unexpected bonus outcome of the programme.

Suppliers focus on providing ingredients or ready-to-eat meals that improve overall wellness, prioritising healthy nutritious options for school kids—helping to keep kids fuelled and hydrated so that they can focus on learning.

Published three times a year and supported with monthly newsletters and social platforms, EduCatering is circulated to our established database of schools, Kura, and institutions.