Embracing Nature for Healthier Spaces


In our increasingly hectic and urbanised world, connecting with nature is vital for our wellbeing. The healing power of nature has been well-documented, and incorporating natural elements into our working environments can profoundly impact our health and happiness. Recognising this need, Lundia, a renowned interior furniture and storage solutions provider, has developed a range of shelving options that combine the beauty of natural timber with a biophilic design ethos, creating comfortable and healthier spaces.

Nature has an innate appeal to our senses and instinctively draws us in. However, we often find ourselves surrounded by cold, sterile environments daily, sitting at impersonal metal desks and uncomfortable chairs with little connection to the natural world. Lundia seeks to change that by bringing the essence of nature indoors. 

Imagine the last time you were immersed in nature, feeling the sun's warmth on your skin, breathing in the fragrance of flowers, and listening to the soothing sound of a gentle breeze rustling through the leaves. Lundia aims to recreate that sense of tranquillity and vitality in your surroundings.

Studies have consistently shown that exposure to nature has numerous psychological and physiological benefits. When we are in natural environments, our cognitive functions improve, our stress levels decrease, and our creativity is enhanced. Lundia understands the importance of these benefits and has designed its shelving options with the goal of creating spaces that promote wellbeing and productivity.

At the heart of Lundia's philosophy is a commitment to ecological values and sustainable practices. The company uses plantation-grown FSC-certified timber from New Zealand pine forests, ensuring its furniture is durable and environmentally friendly. Lundia's shelving options are built to last, with some of their original units from the 1960s still in use today. 

The design specifications have remained unchanged, allowing for the seamless integration of new shelves with existing pieces. This focus on longevity and adaptability reflects Lundia's dedication to reducing waste and minimising its environmental footprint.

Lundia's manufacturing process is designed to eliminate wastage at every stage. Offcuts are utilised purposefully, with the innovative Eco Box shelving system being a prime example of their sustainable approach. Even the manufacturing byproducts are recycled or repurposed, from mobile shelving being transformed into new units to wood shavings being collected for pet litter. By aiming to recycle 100 percent of its waste, Lundia is at the forefront of sustainable furniture production.

Regarding design, Lundia draws inspiration from nature's perfect functionality and aesthetics. Their shelving options feature natural shapes, colours, and materials that evoke a sense of visual serenity and harmony. Integrating these nature-inspired elements into your space creates an environment that energises and uplifts, fostering a deep connection with the natural world.

Whether you are furnishing offices or classrooms, Lundia's customisable modular elements and expert consultation ensure that your shelving solution is tailored to your specific needs. Lundia's commitment to sustainability, combined with its focus on creating comfortable and productive environments, makes them a trusted choice for those seeking a nature-inspired approach to interior design.