Jimmy John’s CEO James North has declared an intent to resist global trends of moving towards third-party delivery trends. He said that they would never authorise outside companies, including Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Grubhub to deliver their sandwiches, because “[Jimmy John’s] are faster, fresher, better value, and more consistent at delivery than the third-party services.”

Jimmy John’s currently has nearly 45,000 drivers employed across almost 3000 units. Deliveries from Jimmy John’s are limited to no more than five minutes away from the store to ensure freshness, quality, and speed. “We want our customers to end up with a perfect sandwich, so we’ll continue to hold ourselves accountable to our own high standards,” said North.

Despite the recent popularity of third-party delivery services, studies conducted by Service Management Group and the Boston Consulting Group found that customers have become increasingly dissatisfied with third-party delivery services.