Pushing promotions

Breadcrumbs has continued a push into the small business marketing space with a new product designed to simplify the promotion of scheduled specials and deals. Starting from just $20 per month – small cafe, bar and restaurant owners can now enter all of the specials at their venue into the Breadcrumbs for Business dashboard. Doing so will push that promotion to thousands of Kiwis and tourists who are surveying options for eating and drinking in their area on Breadcrumbs app.

After a year of working closely with a select few Wellington venues, Breadcrumbs isolated some of the key shortcomings of the modern digital marketing environment for an SME hospitality owner/manager. Two key findings were that current options for digital marketing were complicated or took too long to learn how to use and the cost of these options was generally priced very high on the conversion.

Breadcrumbs solves these issues by offering a highly simplified dashboard which automates the promotion of specials and deals, allowing advertisers to place promotions into the system once and once only. It is also offered on a fixed monthly subscription of just $20 per month for a single venue or $50 for a group – taking the guesswork out of calculating advertising spends for the small venue owner/manager.

For more information call Brendan Platt on 027 2699 193 or visit www.breadcrubs.business