Following changes to all its supply of chicken, pork and egg products, October saw HELL pizza become New Zealand’s first pizza company to offer 100 percent guaranteed freerange pizza. The addition of free-range ingredients at no extra cost was a simple decision according to Hell GM Ben Cumming.

“Providing a quality product is the number one founding principle of Hell and will always come before anything else,” said Cumming. “By switching to free range ingredients on all our pizzas we believe we are serving an even better product to our customers. As a result of the change, our raw food costs will increase, however we’ve made the decision to not increase our prices.”

All the farms from which Hell sources its meat are independently audited to ensure they meet the strict list of internationally recognised requirements for animal welfare. To make the change possible, Hellhas worked closely with Tegel (chicken) and Harmony (pork).

“Tegel has developed two new freerange farms just to supply Hell. The pork we get from Harmony farms is from pigs that are grain fed and live outdoors,” said Cumming.