Kabaq is a new app which enables users to see virtual 3D food representations from a restaurant’s menu while dining in, or online. In an attempt to create hyper-realistic culinary models, restaurants, bakeries, and caterers can bring to life their food right in front of the customer before they even turn the oven on.

Co-founder Alper Guler said that the idea came from the difficulty of visualising food at a new restaurant with friends that were unfamiliar with the cuisine. “We invested all our time around creating hyper-realistic 3D models that would work among [any] platform.” Kabaq uses a photo-based system that captures images of food and recreates it into a 3D model.

Businesses can purchase a Kabaq photoshoot which will allow them to utilise the technology and have their personalised menu uploaded to customers from wherever they may be. “The AR market continues to grow along a traditional path for new technologies, from initial uses like playful entertainment to large scale integration into everyday businesses, specifically advertising and retail showcasing,” said Guler.