Boston-based app creator David Rodriguez has developed a revolutionary app called Food for All that allows people the chance to buy discounted restaurant food that would usually go to waste. The app simultaneously feeds people with quality food and reduces wastage.

The app works by pulling up participating restaurants who can choose a time at which customers are invited to pick up and pay for discounted food. This usually occurs around closing time, and discounts tend to be over 50 percent.

The first version of the app was launched in September of 2017 in Boston, and by the fall of 2018, the company had expanded to New York. Currently, more than 200 restaurants are participating in the programme.

David Rodriguez said, “Our three main categories of users are students, people who care about sustainability and those who are struggling financially,” Rodriguez said.

The app addresses a couple of significant problems inherent in the US; namely, hunger, poverty and food wastage. With Food for All, Rodriguez aims to combat these problems at their roots.