New Zealand Ranked in Top Ten Wine Destinations

New Zealand has been named as the eighth-best country in the world for wine tourism, according to a new study by Bounce.

Factors taken into account when ranking the top ten included wine consumption and production, as well as tourist efforts such as vineyard visits and wine tours. The cost of an average bottle of wine was also considered when making the final decision. 

Portugal was named as the top country for any wine lover, with a whopping 58 litres of wine consumed by per person in the population every year. Portugal scored 8.83 out of ten overall.

Moldova was second, with a score of 8.16 out of ten, and Italy was third with 7.86 out of ten.

Spain, Georgia, France, and Hungary ranked fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh overall, and New Zealand was scored 5.97 out of ten. In ninth place was Greece, and Chile was tenth.

The survey indicated that 74 litres of wine are produced in New Zealand every year. New Zealand’s wine regions are critically acclaimed for the wide variety of wines they produce.

New Zealand has ten main wine regions across both the North and South Islands, and in May 2023, Hawke’s Bay was named as a Great Wine Capital of the World. This prestigious honour has only been bestowed on 11 other regions in the world, including Napa Valley, Adelaide, and Bordeaux.