Kiwis will now find it easier to choose to buy pork that has been born and raised in New Zealand, with the introduction of a new ‘trustmark’ from New Zealand Pork.

New Zealand Pork General Manager Sonya Matthews, said Kiwis love the great taste and versatility of New Zealand pork.

“According to our latest research, wherever possible, New Zealand consumers prefer quality home-grown products,” said Matthews. “They like to know where their food comes from and they trust local farmers to produce the food they buy for their families.”

She says there is no shortage of quality fresh produce in New Zealand, making it easy to support the local industry.

“Supporting our farmers boosts our economy, and gives local consumers the assurance that their pork has come from pigs that were farmed to New Zealand’s high standards of animal welfare.

However, she added that many people are unaware of just how much pork is imported.

“Although our farmers produce a fantastic and highly versatile product, 58 per cent of pork sold in New Zealand comes from overseas and isn’t required to comply with any of New Zealand’s animal welfare standards.

“Most people assume they are buying New Zealand born and raised pork, and this is because they find some of the package labelling confusing when they’re shopping for local products.

“That’s why we’ve developed our new Born and Raised in New Zealand labels – only pork that’s been produced here can carry the label.

“Choosing Born and Raised in New Zealand pork is a great way to support local farmers, local retailers and the broader economy, and promises the freshest and tastiest pork, bacon and ham in New Zealand.”