Five Star Pork has been an efficient, effective and reliable supplier of fresh New Zealand pork to the food trade across the upper North Island for the almost 20 years. Based in East Tamaki, the company enjoys proximity to the markets it serves, the largest markets in the country. As well as providing whole and split carcasses, the company operates a specialist pork-only cutting room producing primal and custom cuts for retailers, traders and processors.

Previously known as The Pork Market, the company is owned by a co-operative of pig farmers who supply the company, meaning there is intense interest and good communication throughout the supply chain. The pigs are born and raised in the North Island, which brings extra freshness to the customer. Part of Five Star Pork’s mission is to promote and produce New Zealand born and raised pigs as part of the Pigcare initiative. The company is making efforts to educate customer on knowing where their pigs are coming from and if the place of origin meets New Zealand standards.

Five Star Pork is excited to welcome Mick O’Donoghue to the sales team. Before moving to New Zealand a decade ago, O’Donoghue had his own meat business in London’s Smithfield Markets, as well as work as an auctioneer. As a former butcher himself, O’Donoghue can give suitable advice on certain cuts and what to do with them. Face-to-face contact is always a priority for O’Donoghue.