Second Hospitality Protest in London

Despite evidence from the Public Health England Weekly COVID-19 Surveillance Report which shows that just 2 percent of COVID transmissions can be traced back to hospitality settings, the UK government has introduced new tier restrictions that have seen many hospitality businesses close their doors.

The hospitality industry has been desperately calling for either fewer restrictions or more government support as the industry faces a very cold Christmas.

HospoDemo returned to London’s Westminster for a second protest this month, the first demonstration took place outside Parliament in October when around 600 hospitality workers gathered to express their outrage over the government’s treatment of the industry.

On HospoDemo’s official website a statement reads:

Just as we were gearing up to re-open our businesses, the new tier restrictions from December 2nd make hospitality the scapegoat once again. The loss of vital Christmas trade will be the final straw for many restaurants, bars, pubs, and hotels hoping to survive into 2021.

Add on ever-increasing rent debt, amongst other costs, and the future is frightening for tens of thousands of businesses and their employees. While the furlough scheme is enabling hospitality workers to make ends meet, their jobs simply won’t exist once their employers’ businesses fold in the coming months. 

Join this peaceful (but noisy!) protest in front of parliament to make your voice heard and to urge the government to revise its policies relating to hospitality venues, in terms of restrictions and above all, financial support. Bring the tools of your trade to MAKE AS MUCH NOISE AS POSSIBLE, e.g pots, pans, ladles, cocktail shakers, wooden spoons, whisks and last orders bells and wear your work uniform.

The hospitality industry is particularly perturbed by the ability for gyms, supermarkets, and retail shops to open and football games to go ahead while restaurants, pubs and cafés must close.