After 61 years of outrageous performances, New Zealand is set to make a splash at the Eurovision singing competition – just not on stage. Invivo wines, famed for their collaborations with Paul Henry and Graham Norton, have been announced as the official wine of Eurovision 2017. This is set to be the first New Zealand involvement in the event, which has been running since 1956.
Tim Lightbourne, co-founder of Invivo, said that Invivo belongs at Eurovision. “We’re the ideal wine to go with crazy hair, outrageous dresses, way too many wind machines and more white suits than should be legal without a prescription.”
Invivo is known for being New Zealand’s first equity crowdfunded winery and producing Graham Norton’s Own wines – a fitting partnership, as Norton will be hosting the UK coverage for Eurovision 2017. While neither Tim nor co-founder Rob Cameron could hold a torch to Austria’s bearded lady or Finland’s masked metal rockers, the pair will be on hand in Kiev, Ukraine to make sure the Kiwi touch is well represented.