Businesses Trial the Vaccine Pass System

Seven businesses across the country have agreed to trial vaccine passes with willing customers ahead of the upcoming roll-out of the new system. They will then provide feedback to the Ministry of Health.

The Government will decide on November 29 when to move the country from the current alert system into the new traffic light system, which will free up COVID restrictions for hospitality and event venues restricting entry to those with vaccine passes.

A Ministry of Health spokesman said the chosen businesses taking part in the pilot have been given early access to the verifier app.

“The business can then scan the customers’ passes to confirm their vaccination status. The customers will be informed that it is voluntary,” he said.

“We will be listening to feedback, both around the technology and the experience, before we go live to the public.”

The free app will be released early next week and can be incorporated into ticketing, membership or software systems.

The Government has already been talking to the events and hospitality sectors about the scheme and expects more than 100,000 businesses will make use of the app. The ministry spokesman said the app would be simple to use and easy to access from the Apple and Google app stores.