Nic Watt and Darren Johnson’s South American-inspired INCA is scheduled to open early October. From the creative team that created MASU, the menu at INCA is said to draw on Watt’s travels to Peru, where he learned about the art of Nikkei cuisine. Nikkei cuisine looks at the influence that Japanese explorers had on Peru towards the end of the 19th century—culminating in a combination of a ceviche bar and a woodfired grill.

A few of the options from the menu have been released, and they include:

  • Clasico white fish, leche de tigre, sweet potato, red onion and corn.
  • Hot oil seared Kingfish, charred cucumber, Szechuan chilli oil, black vinegar and garlic chips.
  • Softshell crab adobo, tomatillo green tobacco salsa and cucumber.
  • Coconut custard, chocolate soft serve and peanut coconut cluster.

As a part of the Westfield Newmarket development, Watt and Johnson are sure to draw a crowd with their fiery opening.