Livi Essentials Premium Blue Hand Towels

Made from 100% recycled fibre this new Livi Blue slimfold hand towel provides great absorbency and strength. Unlike white towels that can visually disappear when wet, especially on white meat such as fish or chicken, blue towels remain visible, even when wet. Visible blue towels reduce the risk of food contamination when used for drying hands in food preparation areas.

The blue dye and paper are also food-safe, plus hygienically disposable and biodegradable, unlike many re-usable synthetic cleaning cloths. Packaging is made from paper and cardboard – not plastic. Livi also has a range of blue centrefeed towels for multiple cleaning uses in commercial food preparation & manufacturing applications.

All Livi towel products are PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified as being sustainably sourced from recycled or sustainably managed resources.  PEFC goes beyond environment alone to also ensure ethical standards. Livi is a global brand, marketed & distributed in New Zealand by Cottonsoft Limited. There are now a number of Livi products manufactured in Auckland and Dunedin production sites. Other brands also manufactured in NZ by Cottonsoft Ltd include EarthSmart recycled, CottonSofts and Tuffy Commercial paper towel which is ECNZ (Environmental Choice NZ) certified.

Cottonsoft Limited is a foundation sponsor of New Zealand’s soft plastics recycling scheme. The original scheme successfully collected and recycled up to 50tons of soft plastic per month through overseas recyclers.

Collections were suspended temporarily when off-shore recyclers ceased processing NZ waste. A balanced scheme has recently (May 2019) re-commenced collections applying a phased approach to collect and process soft plastic in NZ, with plastic being made into fence posts, garden edging and cable covers, with ongoing initiatives to reduce & re-use packaging further reducing NZs packaging waste for a more sustainable future.