Blue Duck Vodka’s New Initiative

Blue Duck

Sustainability is integral to Blue Duck Vodka's ethos; not only does the product reflect this value, but the brand is committed to supporting the conservation of its namesake, the endangered Whio (blue duck).  

Blue Duck Vodka is proud to announce that it supports the Eastern Whio Link conservation project run by the Eastern Whio Link Trust, co-Chaired by Sam Gibson, also known as "Sam the Trap Man". 

Gibson is a skilled bushman and educator who co-founded the Eastern Whio Link, a conservation project between Opotiki and Gisborne focused on restoring Whio in this area. Eastern Whio Link volunteers lay traps to kill the stoats and feral cats that are decimating the native fauna, flightless birds, and duck populations of New Zealand. Conservation is more than just trapping invasive species for Sam. It's about helping restore balance and allowing natural ecosystems to flourish. 

Blue Duck Vodka's contribution will enable Gibson and his team to maintain their 350 traps in and around Whio breeding grounds. The programme has helped the struggling Whio population breed over the past three years. Before that, the population had dwindled to an alarming number of only four pairs of mature adults in the area. However, since the Eastern Whio Link team started laying traps, Whio numbers are rising, and 54 chicks have been bred successfully. 

Gibson said that it has been great to have Blue Duck Vodka step in to help.

"Blue Duck has helped us continue our work to ensure the Whio can thrive. Most people don't know the Whio is rarer than the Kiwi, and this partnership is essential for their future survival in the Waioeka," added Gibson.

Irmengard Deinlein, co-owner of Blue Duck Vodka, is delighted to support Gibson and the Eastern Whio Link team and added that giving back to the environment is an important part of the business, which has so far donated $75,000 to conservation in New Zealand.\

"Blue Duck Vodka depends on the purity of the water we use for its production, and the Whio is a beacon from mother nature, indicating a river's health. If they are present, the water is considered pristine," said Deinlein.

Deinlein was alarmed to hear that Whio was in a dire situation in the Waioeka and jumped at the chance to help the Easter Whio Link team continue with their work. By allowing numbers to grow again, there is hope that Whio will be around for many years.

Blue Duck Vodka has made an ongoing commitment to help protect the Whio and its environment. The company is working on an exciting initiative with Gibson and the Eastern Whio Link that will be announced later this year.

In addition, by purchasing Blue Duck Rare Vodka, customers will help protect New Zealand's wildlife and wild places, with proceeds from every bottle purchased being donated to the company's charity partners.