Award-winning Texas BBQ Foods smoked meat products are the ultimate easy meal. Consumed cold, or heated in only 30 seconds, these convenient, portion-controlled products will wow diners with authentic Texan flavour. The beef and pork are seasoned with a uniquely New Zealand spice mix, smoked with mesquite and slow cooked for up to 26 hours until it’s so tender it melts in your mouth. It’s then chilled, sliced and packaged ready for the dinner table or entertaining.

Recently awarded winner of the ‘Chilled Food’ section of the NZ Artisan Food Awards for their meats, and a finalist for their smoked cheese, Texas BBQ Foods are on the path to becoming a firm favourite of the weeknight meal planner, and the weekend party planner. The simplicity of preparation and the full-on authentic flavours of the smoked beef brisket, pork belly, cheese and butter make this range one to keep in the chiller.

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