How to match a wine

You wouldn’t send staff out on to the floor without knowledge of the food they’re serving, so it pays to make sure that they’re trained in wine as well. Alcoholic drinks generally account for around 30 percent of a restaurant’s revenue, so it is important to have staff that can upsell whenever possible.

There are countless combinations of wine and food, so here’s a guide for matching wine with its immortal companion – cheese.

Prosecco with Parmesan

The sweetness and bubbles of this Italian classic complement the saltiness of the other Italian classic.

Pinot Gris with Mozzarella

The acidity of the wine plays well with the slight sweetness of the cheese.

Port with Gorgonzola

The sweetness and thick body of Port is the perfect partner for the pungent blue cheese.

Pinot Noir with Brie

Brie needs a wine that won’t overpower its distinct flavours, so a fruity pinot noir is the perfect match.