US | Wendy’s Expands Virtual Wendyverse

Expanding its virtual reality offerings on Meta’s Horizon Worlds, Wendy’s Co has introduced Sunrise City - a breakfast realm – to the Wendyverse.

Wendy’s customers with a Quest 2 can explore the three-dimensional world on the virtual reality platform, which includes a breakfast-themed obstacle course. The Sunrise City expansion includes a castle to be breached, bacon bridges and flying biscuits. Participants can paraglide on a breakfast potato, joust on a tightrope, and toss biscuits.

“It can be tough to balance brand objectives and consumer interests. At Wendy’s, we strive to create branded entertainment—so every branded touchpoint serves the consumer first by enhancing the experience, rather than distracting or detracting from it,” wrote Carl Loredo, Wendy’s chief marketing officer, in a recent Meta blog post.

“In the metaverse, you can’t just slap a logo on something and call it a day. You need to give consumers an immersive opportunity to interact with the brand, so they want to come back for more.”

The Wendyverse is open to those Meta Horizon Worlds users 18 and older in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.