US | KFC Using Eye Catching Designs to Make a Statement

Last month, KFC unveiled the ‘Crystal Bucket’ restaurant in New York with curved floor-to-ceiling glass windows, already deemed the “most beautiful KFC in the world.”

While the former bank building is a one-off restaurant, it has still been making waves in the community and beyond and has become a successful marketing tool for KFC fans in the area.

The Crystal Bucket opened on May 3 and features floor-to-ceiling rounded glass windows, a cathedral wooden ceiling, and a bank vault, which has been turned into a tongue-in-cheek “vault” where they keep the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices. The building fell into Yum Brands’ lap after a real estate developer in the area got in touch about a former bank building for sale that looks like a crystal KFC bucket. The coincidence felt like kismet.

“We’ve taken the opportunity strategically to play up the provenance that the brand has, and we have these unique landmarks now as well,” explained KFC chief development officer, Brian Cahoe.

“We’ll continue to look out for these one-off ways to tell the bigger brand story of KFC.”

A great story gets people talking and the Crystal Bucket has already become an icon in the community. It not only looks new and shiny, but also incorporates elements of the Next Gen KFC store redesigns like digital integration, built-in ‘pickup shelving, and signage and dedicated parking for digital order pickup.