Trending | Pancakes

All over the world, Pancakes are one of the most popular menu items at breakfast time. Although the method to cook pancakes is relatively simple, there are now various trending ways to garnish them, with some ranging from relatively simple, to some being completely out of the box.

Whilst lemon juice has been known to be a classic topping, explore the option of drizzling pancakes with lemon curd. Offering a rich and zesty flavour, lemon curd can be made in-house or can come pre-packaged, the option is entirely up to you.

Swap a normal chocolate topping for blonde or white chocolate, which will offer a toasted caramel flavour, especially when accompanied by roasted nuts and spalted pretzels. Orange would also make a great addition to this recipe, as well as being a healthy ingredient.

Souffle pancakes are light, airy, and much more fluffier than the norm. They can easily be made by whipping egg whites into meringue, before gently folding into the pancake batter. Toppings are at your discretion but when the pancakes are as luxurious as these, there may not be a need for an overindulgence.

Another trending recipe is stuffed pancakes, where toppings are fried inside the batter rather than added on top. Chocolate, fruit, or even savoury ingredients would be perfect for this, offering something new and inventive.

Pancakes are the top pick at breakfast time for millions around the world, and in the United States alone, more than 75 billion pancakes are consumed every year.