Flavours | Orange

Oranges are one of the most loved fruits around the world, but its uses in the culinary world are incredibly vast.

Orange has long been a flavour associated with sweet treats, making its way into various desserts and breakfast menu items. It is, however, an excellent ingredient in both savoury and dinner dishes as well.

By adding oranges to a salad, a tropical taste sensation is made. Try orange with avocado and serve over baby greens with a vinaigrette, or add cucumbers or roasted beetroot for extra vegetables. Turn the sweet fruit into a savoury dish by adding feta or blue cheese to the mix, as well as bacon or ham. 

For a somewhat nautical offering, add grilled shrimp to orange, avocado and fennel, or even add baby kale to the mix. 

Oranges are the largest citrus fruit in the world, with over 600 different varieties on the market. Orange zest can also be used as an embellishment, as well as being an incredibly nutritious offering