As its title suggests, Hay’s cookbook is all about making life easier, faster and tastier in the kitchen. Packed full of short recipes that are big on flavour, The New Easy sheds light to the evergreen dilemma of home cooking; can ‘fast’ and ‘delicious’ coexist in the same sentence? The answer comes in five chapters (weeknights, weekends, sides and salads, baking, and desserts), each of which presents smart ideas to restyle particular recipes and transform them into something different, depending on the occasion. The result is a book that makes cooking fun and enjoyable with super delicious and super quick family meals.
As expected from one of Australia’s most successful cookbook authors, The New Easy is also a fashionable collection including plenty of pasta and rice dishes, even though it does not lack in vegetables and provides some inspirational ideas in its baking section.
Donna Hay has published more than 22 award-winning books, which have sold over 4 million copies worldwide and have been translated into nine languages. She also publishes a bi-monthly magazine and has launched a successful iPad app in 2013, called ‘What’s for dinner’.