Samantha Evans & Shauna Guinn

Having managed to bring the taste of the American south right into the heart of Cardiff, the Hang Fire Smokehouse duo has all the credentials to bring the same flavours into any foodie’s kitchen.
Evans and Guinn have just released their inaugural book of recipes, picked up during their travels through the USA. In ‘The Hang Fire Cookbook’, the team shares insider secrets to cooking real BBQ delicacies, including perfect ribs, breads and side dishes, but also anecdotes of the 6-month trip that inspired their business.
Because barbecue is a serious business. In 2012, the two girls quit their jobs, went on a ‘scouting’ tour around America’s best barbecue joints, and came back with heaps of ideas and expertise. Their simple approach, based on great ingredients and slow 'n' low cooking, earned them a ‘Best Street Food Award’ in 2015 a the BBCR4 Food Awards, and inspired many others to start their own pop-up businesses.
“Our book is full of recipes for you to try at home, whether you have a smoker or not. And if you don’t have a smoker, we talk you through how we built ours,” they said.