Hotel chain Sudima has installed the iMonitor system in its kitchens across New Zealand, making it easy for chefs to monitor and maintain records in the kitchen.

“Our teams are really happy as it is easy to setup, fast and reliable, records details of the person filling online, compliance is assured and it’s easy for reporting,” said Sudima Hotels F&B manager Rakesh Chandra. “We have centralised our supplier list, can upload attachments, note staff sickness, capture customer feedback, record maintenance issues, and view and acknowledge alarms triggered from our cold storage. It’s an amazing tool which we will be using in all Sudima Hotels.”

iMonitor includes templates to manage day-to-day tasks, temperature checks and record keeping, proving methods and supplier delivery records to meet all compliance requirements. The wireless temperature monitoring technology and data collected from sensors in the fridges gets directly captured in the Food Safety Plan which reduces labour time, paper and materials consumption, and ensures maximum accuracy.