With the Restaurant Association of New Zealand calling for clarity on what businesses will remain open during the Level 4 Alert Lockdown, the government has answered some of its questions.

Liquor stores will need to shut, with the exception of Trust areas in which booze is not available in supermarkets, there it will be a strict one in, one out service. The Warehouse must close its doors. “Big box” retailers such as Mitre 10, Placemakers and Bunnings will be open for trade customers providing for essential services only.

Food box and bag companies will still be operating, so too will dairies as long as they adhere to strict physical distancing rules. This will be a sigh of relief for areas which rely on dairies for their essential daily needs.

It is unclear if Domino’s Meals for Seniors scheme will still go ahead.

“If in doubt, the business premises should close,” noted deputy CEO of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Paul Stocks.

“For clarity, every restaurant, café and bar must close all aspects of their operation, including delivery. Delivery of food that is not pre-cooked will be allowed under strict health conditions,” explained Stocks.

“Covid-19 alert level four is not business as usual and means there will be significant restrictions on what New Zealanders are able to purchase. However, these changes are essential to stop the spread of the virus. We are ready to change the list if necessary. If we discover there are essential services that have not been made available we will react to that as we go.”

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