Registrations open for Chip Group Awards

Last year saw over 500 chip shops nominated for the People’s Choice Award and over 3000 New Zealanders voting for their favourites. 2019 is looking to be a big year for The Chip Group and for traders of New Zealand’s favourite fast food, with the return of the People’s Choice Award, which is a popularity contest and the Judges’ Supreme Award, which involves lab testing of fat content and mystery shopper judging and is only run every two years.

Entry details will be on the Chip Group website. Entrants will need to have at least one staff member who has completed their Chip Group Best Frying Practice (CGBFP) training or done their refresher course by May 2019. The courses are free online and take around 30 minutes for the full course and 15 minutes for the refresher.

Any CGBFP food service provider who prepares and sells hot chips to the public is eligible to enter the competition. Chips will be sampled for fat content and the chip sample must be no more than 9 percent fat. Details of judging criteria will be finalised in April 2019. The Judges’ Supreme Award will be judged by an independent judging panel and the People’s Choice Award judged by text message/SMS and online voting.

For more information please email and remember to register interest at