OMGoodness has crafted an organic, gluten, dairy and sugar-free, paleo, vegan and egg-free bread dough pre-mix. The bread is superb for both toast and sandwiches and freezes well. Base ingredients include freshly stone-milled, NZ grown whole buckwheat flour, as well as chia seeds, linseeds and kelp powder, for additional minerals. Other components are sea salt and tapioca flour, with some hulled, organic buckwheat flour from Mongolia.

Simply add one part water to one part mix, plus a little yeast or sourdough starter. It is an easy to mix batter and can sit in the tin or in a bowl in the fridge for up to a week before baking. Add additional seeds, nuts, fruit, chocolate, spices, herbs, pumpkin, etc., to change the flavour accordingly. Leave in the fridge for 18 hours plus to activate the seeds if desired.

Buns can be made easily by scooping directly from the bowl in the fridge and onto a tray. All it takes is 30 minutes in the oven, and you have fresh gourmet buns. You can also make our crackers and pizza bases using this mix. Instructions come with the mix. This is a no-knead recipe; it doesn't get any easier.

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