Craft beer powerhouse Hallertau Brewery has teamed up with Thomson Whisky, an award-winning craft spirits distiller, to launch a limited edition Whisky Barrel Aged Double Stout.

           This new drop contains the full-bodied profile that Winter is demanding. Produced in the Hallertau’s Riverhead Brewery, the Double Stout, owing to its high levels of hop and malt character, contains 10 percent abv. Following the brewing, the beer is put to age in ex-whisky barrels from Thomson Whisky. In the whisky process, barrel ageing can make up to 70 percent of the flavour through the oak interaction. In this case, with the beer, the maturation stage allows for deepening flavours and brings on board the whisky and oak nuances.

           Stephen Plowman, Hallertau’s head brewer, said, “We’ve been monitoring the maturation of this stout as it takes on new and exciting characteristics from the pre-loved oak. With a killer malt bill and some new techniques, it’s a truly artisan beer, and we’re chuffed with the robust flavour.”

           “Experimenting with new processes, and mashing up the know-how of Hallertau’s brewers with our whisky making has been really fun. We all talk the same language—authentic craft and flavour,” said Mat Thomson, head distiller and owner of Thomson Whisky.

           The new beer will be launched on Friday the 26th of July, with a celebratory launch event taking place at the Hallertau Brewery. The launch party will feature a feast from the Hallertau Smoker, whisky tasting with Thomson Whisky, as well as the new Stout. Tickets are available at