In the unlikeliest of partnerships, animal activist group PETA have launched an ad campaign in collaboration with fast food joint Taco Bell. While this pairing may seem odd, PETA has in fact long been a supporter of Taco Bell’s certified vegetarian options such as the Bean Burrito, 7-Layer Burrito, and Cantina Power Bowl – three of the franchise’s thirteen certified vegetarian options. There are 35 certified vegetarian ingredients used by the fast food company, 26 of which are vegan. The ad campaign will encourage buyers to choose these options over the meat choices.

“It's easier than ever to find delicious vegan food, including at fast-food staples like Taco Bell,” said Tracy Reiman, executive vice president of PETA. “Unlike meaty dishes, vegan meals are free of saturated animal fat and cholesterol.”

As part of the campaign, PETA’s ‘Lettuce Ladies’ will hand out free bean burritos outside various Taco Bell locations.