Salt and Straw, and American small-batch ice creamery based in Portland, Oregon, is well-renowned for offering strange flavours on their seasonal menus. Their strawberry ice cream features honey, balsamic vinegar and black pepper, while their chocolate flavour includes marshmallow fluff. However, come June, things are about to get even more interesting. In conjunction with local food recovery groups, the ice creamery will ‘rescue’ food and repurpose them into ice cream. For example, the ‘Second-Steeped Rum Spices and Apple Butter’ will be flavoured with spices left over by the East Side Distillery, which will then be steeped in cream and mixed with apple butter, made with apples that have been deemed too unattractive to sell. Kim and Tyler Malek, the cousins behind the venture, are offering these products in an attempt to draw attention to the amount of food waste that occurs every year – food that could well be eaten or distributed to those in need.