Australian fast food company QSR are pitching a plan to fund managers as they prepare to go public – increasing their home delivery share. Currently 65 per cent of QSR’s profits come from the fast food chicken chain, with 10 per cent of that total coming from home delivery. Research suggests that chicken is just as popular as pizza and consumers would take advantage of a home delivery system. Red Rooster currently has only 400 cars on the road but hopes that expanding this system can boost sales. It is also a growth model light on capital which would allow Red Rooster to expand into new regions without the barrier of property. The news came days after Restaurant Brands  in New Zealand announced a partnership with NZ Post in order to expand its KFC home delivery service. Following a successful trial in Hamilton, Restaurant Brands is looking to Tauranga as the next potential market, with the aim of offering KFC delivery in half of its stores nationwide.