With 100 sumptuous step-by-step recipes, expert patissier Mélanie Dupuis and molecular gastronomist Anne Cazor help home bakers master the art of classic French baking. The cookbook is divided into two sections, Base Recipes and Pastries; it contains the best techniques and traditions of France’s grand patisseries, alongside basic building-block recipes that include pastry itself, fillings (custards, creams, butters, mousses, ganaches and pastes) and embellishments (meringue, chocolate, sauces and sugar art). From madeleines, financiers and cookies, to black forest cake, éclairs, croissants, macarons, mocha and charlotte, nothing has been left out, and each of the recipes feeds the eyes with full-colour illustrations, inspiring and guiding readers through the process.
Both authors teach at L’Atelier des Sens. Mélania Dupuis is a French pastry chef who has worked in the country’s best hotels and restaurants, whereas Anne Cazor has a PhD in molecular cuisine and has dedicated her life to understanding how and why recipes work, or don’t.