Montana has released a new premium collection of wines that showcase its rich history in New Zealand with a relatable sense of humour. 

The Montana New Zealand Collection uses quirky iconography and motifs to illustrate the unique, inventive and most-cherished parts of Kiwi culture, celebrating the brand’s long history of industry-leading winemaking. 

Montana winemaker, Laura-Kate Morgan said Montana had been loved and shared by New Zealanders since the 1940s, and the New Zealand Collection brings to life key symbols of Kiwiana that make Montana proud to be Kiwi. 

“From the pioneers to millennials, the timeless taste of our wines have been enjoyed by New Zealanders for generations. We’re proud to release a collection that captures the spirit of what it means to be a kiwi, and celebrates Montana’s place within New Zealand culture,” she said. 

The Montana New Zealand Collection includes four classic New Zealand varietals that bring the quintessential flavours of New Zealand’s most famed wines to life; a Crisp and Zingy Sauvignon Blanc, Delicate and Fruity Rose and Smooth and Velvety Pinot Noir from Marlborough and a Big and Buttery Chardonnay from Gisborne. 

“From the delicious citrus and herbaceous notes of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc to a classic Gisborne Chardonnay as big and buttery as we could get it—each of the wines in the New Zealand Collection reflect characteristics synonymous with New Zealand’s key winegrowing regions,” said Morgan.