Meet The Roaster | Kim Loupis, The Wood Roaster

The Wood Roaster started out as a small café in Sydney, called il Espresso. A desire to create something unique and a lot of trial and error led founder Kim Loupis away from the coffee machine and towards a custom-made wood roaster.

Inspired by the freedom and creativity that exists within the coffee roasting industry, Loupis approaches each day as a new opportunity to experiment, push boundaries and craft new flavours.

Loupis sees coffee as a medium through which he can create and spread happiness. He believes witnessing the joy that a cup of coffee brings people is something that will never get old.

“In a world where routines often take precedence, a beautifully brewed cup of coffee can be a respite, a brief escape into a world of taste. Knowing that I play a part in creating that experience for individuals, and perhaps adding a dash of delight to their day, is very rewarding.”

Loupis believes the defining features of a great roast, one that brings about a smile at the first taste, are flavour, body and aftertaste. The coffee should have a unique and delicious flavour, a slightly creamy yet silky body and a pleasant lingering aftertaste.

The Wood Roaster’s custom-built temperature-controlled wood roaster offers a point of difference in the coffee market. The air roasting technique slowly draws out the rich flavours of the beans for a unique depth of flavour.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything The Wood Roaster does. All of the wood used when roasting is sourced from sustainable forests where for every tree harvested, three are planted. The roastery is equipped with 52 solar panels that are used to power daily operations. 

“Our mission is to provide the best-tasting coffee from the best parts of the world while being mindful of our impact on the environment,” said Loupis.

Looking forward, Loupis is excited to expand The Wood Roaster into both the New Zealand and the United States markets.

His advice for any aspiring roosters is to immerse yourself in the coffee world. Learn everything you can, engage in cupping and tasting and work on understanding the unique characteristics you want to bring to your roasts.

“It's a commitment to continuous learning and refinement. Stick with it and embrace the learning curve.”