Meet The Roaster | Irene Chang, Black & White Coffee Cartel

Hailing from Taiwan, Irene Chang moved to Christchurch as a twelve-year-old kid. Her father was a cafe owner, and that’s how her interest in the beverage and beans began.

Years later, Chang joined Black & White Coffee Cartel as a Bush Inn franchisee, becoming a roaster.

“It is a daily essential for many, including myself. It brings people together in different situations,” said Chang, who finds it rewarding to witness the coffee process from green beans to the cup and customers' experience.

Chang would love to explore Melbourne to learn more about the process of coffee roasting and believes that a smooth roast with layers of notes makes a good cup of coffee.

Her favourite coffee is the Cartel’s Boss Blend, a medium roast made of Brazilian Cerrado and Honduras La Flor, which she consumes daily.

She advises budding roasters to be patient, enjoy the art of roasting and drink coffee.