Meet The Barista | Dan Henry, Gemini Cafe

Gemini Cafe stands out because of its Asian inspired interior design, delicious flavours and attention to food presentation. It is also known for its ice bear coffee, a classic iced coffee served with a frozen espresso bear and the chicken croffle, which is fried chicken served with a waffle pressed croissant with options of Korean chilli and sweet soy glaze.

As a barista at Gemini Cafe, Dan Henry loves receiving feedback from customers and putting a smile on their faces. It has been eight years since Gisborne-born Henry started their career as a barista at the age of sixteen, inspired by the art of food and beverage presentation. 

Coffee is not just about the taste but also about the presentation, which is Henry’s most significant goal to achieve on a daily basis. They aim to have coffee looking as beautiful as possible to give customers a sense of enthusiasm from the moment it is placed down to the first sip. 

Besides coffee, Henry is also obsessed with makeup, notably bold and colourful eyeshadow looks. They are a self-taught HMUA and show their support for the LGBTQIA+ community through drag performances.