Meet The Barista | Lauren, Slowlane

Lauren once drew a smile on a customer’s coffee cup, and after hearing their joyful screams, she realised how much she loves being a barista at Slowlane, a modern and stylish café environment with new and exciting menus and great staff camaraderie.

Being a fitness freak, Lauren loves how the menu at Slowlane combines nutrition and taste. Her go-to coffee order is a 6oz flat white, and she finds the Chirashi Bowl, Beef Salad, and Squid Salad to be quite delicious and perfect for a gym rat.

Customer satisfaction drives her to embrace and live each day to the fullest. To her, the role is more than just pouring milk into espresso; each cup becomes a new canvas for creativity and imagination. 

Lauren firmly believes that life is a journey; the real adventure begins when you get lost. She explores various latte art designs when she is not working at the cafe or working out. A recent trend in the coffee industry that she enjoys is ‘cremart’, where you can create milk foam and espresso and incorporate colours and lines. She also has a passion for art and drawing.