Crafting Two Brands Together

Jameson Irish Whiskey and renowned fashion label, Dickies, have introduced Crafted Together, an exciting collaboration that pays tribute to the rich heritage of workwear fashion and the ethos that unites the two brands together. Dropping online in New Zealand and Australia on Thursday, the 6th of July, the exclusive collection aims to foster a sense of mateship among contemporary craftsmen worldwide, uniting their communities through a  thoughtfully designed collection. 

The multi-piece capsule will include signature pieces such as a timeless Dickies Eisenhower Jacket and overalls, beanies, caps and more, perfect for collectors and whiskey fans. Steeped within a rich history of craftsmanship, some of the apparel will feature a new bespoke graphic paying homage to the original Jameson  ‘Barrelman’ icon of the 1700s. Featuring the innovative creators from the Jameson Whiskey and Dickies  communities, Crafted Together was shot in Jameson’s historic Midleton Distillery in Cork, championing the legacy of industrial workwear into the modern-day. 

“Jameson Irish Whiskey was founded in 1780, when workwear was the uniform of the working community, often seen in the local pub after a hard day’s work. Meanwhile, Dickies was founded in 1922 as an iconic, quality workwear brand.  Craft and kinship underpin both brands, and we are delighted to bring that shared ethos to life through the Crafted  Together Jameson x Dickies collection,” said Trent Orange, National Sales Manager On-Premise, Pernod Ricard.

“Quality craftsmanship is a longstanding pillar of our Dickies business, deeply rooted in our workmanship community…Dickies and Jameson teaming up feels like a natural partnership due to brand identities and our shared DNA. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Jameson Whiskey to commemorate our brand stories and, most importantly, celebrate our loyal customers,” said a spokesperson for Dickies.

Crafted Together is a celebration of the real creator and maker communities who are inspired by their dedication to craft, with a constant passion to evolve. With shared values and matching uniforms, Jameson and Dickies are connecting kindred spirits with this collaboration, bringing to life the appreciation of craft shared by both brands and the modern craftspeople of today.