Many years ago, a wonderful dream began for a local farmer in his small Canterbury farmhouse kitchen. The dream was to create an ice cream that tasted just as creamy and as pure as his Grandmother used to make.

Years were spent working on perfecting the traditional family recipe and sourcing only the best local ingredients from the lush green pastures and farms of New Zealand. The creation became a labour of love, the hours were long but the result was rewarding. An ice cream that was so creamy and so divine that once people tasted it, they would have an insatiable desire for more.

So with no money to advertise his magnificent creation, he set about the region to allow people to taste this fine product. The rest, they say, is history – ice cream made to a traditional family recipe, that taste just like your Grandmother had made it.

Today, Killinchy Gold is made to the same hand crafted recipe by Emerald Foods, who’ve been making New Zealand’s best ice cream for over 25 years and whose passion for the product is no less than its inventors.

This summer Killinchy gold has launched a dreamy, tangy, ‘Lemon Curd’ ice cream using the best lemons from Kerikeri. The pure vanilla bean ice cream base is enriched with a zesty lemon curd and available nationally at Bidvest Foodservice in a 5l tub for the hospitality trade. Killinchy Gold – real ice cream made with real ingredients by real people.