Fizzin’ Good Soda

Pete’s Naturals is a family-owned business based in Motueka that makes high quality, low sugar sodas using only NZ grown spray-free fruit, that is 100% natural.

Pete’s Natural was borne of the desire to create a healthier, natural alternative to the standard unhealthy, high sugar, fizzy drink. After much trial and error, owner and founder Pete Blommaert has created eight low sugar boutique sodas, three functional flavours with no added sugar, and sparkling water.

In New Zealand, a lot of fruit is wasted as it rots on the ground. This is because it is cheaper to import a concentrate from overseas than to use fresh fruit. Unfortunately, these concentrates are full of additives, preservatives, and artificial colours and flavours.

“We choose to support the NZ fruit industry and call this Fairtrade@home, supporting our own first,” said Blommaert.

“We pay a fair price to all our fruit suppliers and make it worth their while to pick it for us. By doing this, we ensure that there is no additives, preservatives, or anything artificial in our drinks.”

As well as being naturally focused, sustainability is another core value for Pete’s Natural.

The brand uses recyclable glass bottles that are made from up to 70 percent recycled NZ glass, paper labels and the factory is solar-powered.

“You won’t find any plastic on a Pete’s product,” Blommaert confirmed.

As a wholesaler, Covid affected Pete’s Natural’s ability to sell to the hospitality industry, but they opened an online shop to sell directly to consumers. Due to sourcing and bottling in New Zealand it was also able to maintain production.

“We also changed our production facility into a facility to produce hand sanitiser to help keep our fellow New Zealanders stay safe during the pandemic.”

On top of being an entirely natural, sustainably made and low sugar product that supports the New Zealand fruit farming industry and New Zealand economy, Pete’s sodas are great for both kids and adults.

“They can be used as a mixer for a spritz, or as a quick and easy base for cocktails and mocktails.

“For example, our Lime-o-Nade has a hint of mint which works perfectly for a mojito. Don’t forget our Lemon Chilli which makes a mean cocktail if you mix it with gin or vodka.” Each Lemon Chilli bottle comes with its own chilli. It has a real kick, and is not for the faint of heart.

For 2021, Pete’s Natural aims to become 100 percent carbon neutral and carry-on supplying New Zealand with healthier alternatives.