New Customer Experience Team for Fast Food Giant

In the United States, McDonald’s has formed a new customer experience team to evolve how guests engage with the brand at each physical and digital touchpoint.

Central to Marketing, Core Menu, and the 3Ds (digital, drive-thru, and delivery), the group is a combination of global marketing, global restaurant development and restaurant solutions, and data analytics and digital customer engagement. Each is a pivotal part of McDonald’s Accelerating the Arches Growth Strategy.

“The formation of the Customer Experience team strengthens McDonald’s ability to lead the industry in anticipating and delivering on customer needs at every part of the Brand journey, which increasingly extends beyond the walls of the physical restaurant through digital, delivery and Drive-Thru,” said President and CEO Chris Kempczinski in a statement.

“As customer needs continue to evolve, we will create a frictionless Brand experience across all our service channels using the insights generated from our increasingly important digital platforms."

The new customer experience team will interconnect Marketing, Core Menu, and the 3Ds, and ensure the pillars reinforce each other—something McDonald’s has already accomplished through its celebrity collaborations. For example, the chain leveraged the marketing power of BTS and other celebrities to showcase love of its core menu items.

News of the customer experience team comes a few weeks after the nationwide launch of the brand’s first loyalty program, MyMcDonald’s Rewards. The company earned almost $1.5 billion in digital sales in the first quarter. In the U.S. alone, roughly 20 million customers are using the app, and delivery has grown to an all-time high in dollars and sales mix.