BABCO Bakery in Palmerston North is set to expand into a full café after demand for their popular treats increased beyond their expectations.

"The lines going out the door in the weekends showed we needed to have more room,” said Alice Hocquard, who owns BABCO along with husband Jeremy. “The space next door became available, so we thought let's just jump in."

The project originally started as a wood-fire pizza oven, which they used to raise funds for their store on Albert St.

The pair will be joined by Jeremy’s brother Andrew, an accomplished chef who has worked around the world with chefs such as Peter Gordon. Alice said that the bakery would have to offer something unique in Palmerston North.

"Palmerston North needs something a bit more fresh and exotic than the usual paninis and scones."

Alice expected that the café would only be closed for one day as the wall between the two premises was demolished, with the entire fitout taking around one month.