Domino’s Digs Deep to Celebrate Company Milestone

New Zealand’s largest pizza chain will support thousands of new ‘growth opportunities’ for farmers around the world in a 'ground-breaking’ new partnership.

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd (DPE) has announced it would plant 3,000 trees with environmental company Treedom, an online platform which has turned the concept of popular social media game FarmVille into a real-life way of creating sustainable forests in areas that need them most.

The 3,000 Domino’s trees, which will be planted across Africa, Asia, and South America, represent each store in DPE’s global network, following the historic opening of the 3,000th store in Dresden, Germany.

DPE now operates in 10 markets across ANZ, Asia and Europe, and employs more than 88,000 people.

Domino’s Global Chief ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Officer Marika Stegmeijer noted that the 3,000-store milestone was an incredible achievement.

“This is the direct result of a passionate team of people who believe in dreaming big and then delivering even bigger,” she said.

“Just as our team members are committed to doing the right thing for our customers and the communities in which we operate every single day, we now want to use our combined powers as Domino’s for Good to achieve our ambitious sustainability targets.”

Focus areas for Domino’s for Good include reducing the Company’s carbon footprint, expanding community giving, improving energy efficiency and waste reduction, and investing in ethical food sourcing.

Stegmeijer added that the €35,640 (approximately $NZ 58,316) Domino’s partnership with Treedom would directly support local farming communities, providing long-term economic, environmental, and social benefits.

“Much like our Domino’s core value of helping people grow and prosper, Treedom believe in providing more than just the seeds – they provide local farmers with on-going training and support for managing the trees to ensure income opportunities and food autonomy over time.”

To date, Treedom has helped plant more than 2 million trees.

ANZ Chief Executive Officer David Burness said it would be exciting to watch the 'Domino’s forest’ grow.

“Pizza might not grow on trees, but every single Domino's team member can be proud that they are helping contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet.”