Poppy & Olive founder Sophie Williamson was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease at age five; it was unheard of back then.

“Mum had to bake everything from scratch as there wasn't gluten free food readily available in stores like there is today! I think this was the catalyst that lead to my love of food and baking later in life.”

She decided to pursue this passion a couple of years ago.

“I quit my cosy government job and took a leap into the unknown. I'd been experimenting with making my own nut butters for some time as there were few options aside from peanut butter available. After encouragement by friends and family, I set up a stall at a local farmers markets...and it took off from there.”

Poppy & Olive currently has six nut butters in its range; Almond Butter, Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, Organic Coconut Butter, Almond, Brazil & Cashew Butter and two brand new flavours; Smokey Manuka Almond Butter and Heilala Vanilla Bean with Cashew & Coconut.

“Our focus is on sourcing the best quality ingredients, locally where possible. Our hazelnuts all come from a farm just out of Christchurch and are cracked to order to ensure freshness. We're also talking with an almond grower in Australia to import directly.”

Poppy & Olive is made in Auckland and stocked in about 70 stores nationwide.

“We have begun supplying in bulk quantities to cafes and restaurants that are using our butters in their menu.

“We have lots of exciting new flavours up our sleeve, completely different to anything else out there. There is also a new product bubbling away in the background which is set to shake up the market... watch this space.”

For more information contact Sophie Williamson on 0212296300 or email