Coffee Club launches BYO mug scheme

black coffee cup inside bin outside in public; Essex; England; UK

The Coffee Club, which is one of New Zealand’s largest café chains, will be giving a $0.20 discount on each cup of coffee for those who bring their own thermal mug instead of using a disposal take-away cup. The initiative came about after a survey of The Coffee Club franchise owners revealed that they wanted to do more to reward those who took care of the environment.

“We surveyed our café operators on a range of topics, and this came back as one of the areas that they’re most passionate about,” said Andy Lucas, director at The Coffee Club. “We have been looking at ways we can have less environmental impact and more closely follow the ideal of being a tidy Kiwi.”

The incentive follows on from The Coffee Club’s decision last year to stop using plastic straws in favour of paper versions. It is hoped that the incentive of cheaper coffee and less waste will encourage more people to use reusable take-away mugs.

A recent study revealed that New Zealand uses 295 million disposable takeaway coffee cups per year, with 1.7 million of those coming from The Coffee Club. The Coffee Club hopes to reduce that number by 10 percent as a result of this incentive and believes that number could grow over time.