THE dynamic and ever-changing catering industry offers Service IQ designed especially for the catering trade has launched a huge range of business opportunities and careers and a new apprenticeship scheme this month. The Catering Services Apprenticeship gives aspiring catering staff even more support as they train to gain the specialist skills needed to plan, create and deliver healthy and delicious food for a multitude of diners.

While the new apprenticeship covers the same skills as the Traineeship in Catering Services Level 3 and 4, it also offers the bonus of being able to get more expert guidance and mentoring in the field. The new programme caters to the requirements of employers wanting their people to master expert know how for this changing sector involving new technology and a myriad of different dietary needs.

The programme takes two years to complete and involves a mix of on-job practical training and off-job theory modules. It gives talented participants with minimal experience, all the right ingredients to be a catering professional from food safety, menus and nutrition, cookery and supervision to catering operations. The contact is 0800 863 693.