Brothers Beer Shot Bro! Coffee Stout

One morning Brothers Beer got talking with their buddies from down the road Atomic Coffee Roasters.

BB: “Hey, we were thinking of brewing a sick-as Coffee Stout.”

AC: “Sick. We’ve got the perfect roast for you.”

BB: “Shot Bro!”

Thus began the creation of Brothers Beer x Atomic Shot Bro! Collaborative Coffee Stout. Back at the brewery, Brothers Beer set out to create the ultimate caffeine-spiked dark ale. They started with a sophisticated blend of roasted malts, then added a traditional English stout yeast. They added a dose of NZ Green Bullet Hops and freshly-ground Atomic Veloce Coffee. The resulting beer has nutty, bittersweet, caramel flavours, and a luxurious mouthfeel of fruity espresso cream. Some time later….

BB: “What do you think?”

Sound Effect: Can opening and gulps as Atomic crew drink beer.

AC: “Wow”

BB: “Shot Bro!”

5.1% ABV