Ink Gin is Australia’s first luxury premium dry gin, hand-crafted and pot distilled in small batches with organic botanicals in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. Its disruptive gin has a beautiful and luxurious royal blue colour derived from the natural infusion of specially prepared butterfly pea flowers. The curious floral ink, traditionally used in cuisine as a herbal infusion and in Ayurveda, is pH sensitive, changing colour to a soft blush pink when mixed with tonic water, lemon or lime juice. It adds a subtle astringency that leaves the palate crisp and clean. The other fourteen botanicals were carefully selected and measured to ensure harmony with the floral ink. Ink Gin’s colour-change properties, citrus and floral profile, and ability to mix superbly in traditional cocktails make it a versatile and innovative gin. Signature drinks include Ink & Tonic, and the Inkwell Martini, both of which are easy to prepare, refreshing and very drinkable.